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You are on your way to go to the United States to participate on a great adventure with the Work & Travel Program this summer!!!



To become a Work & Travel Program participant this year:


  •        You apply for the Work & Travel Program by filling out on-line registration form before visiting our office
  •        You meet the eligibility requirements to participate
  •        You provide all required documents
  •        You pay all program fees


Documents required for applying for the Work & Travel Program:


  •        Copy of Ukrainian passport
  •        Copy of an International Passport with previous visas (especially, if previous US visa)
  •        Copy of identification code
  •        Certificates from a University – 2 certificates in Ukrainian language and 1 university certificate in English
  •        4 photo, 3*4 cm
  •        1 photo 5-5 cm
  •        Copy of your student book
  •        Copy of your student ID



In order to make your experience as successful as possible there are a lot of things you are going to have to know and to do!!!!


We are ready to help you in your discovering the United States this summer.


But your experience depends only on you!!!!!!!!


46-b, Khreshchatyk str., 1 floor

Kiev, Ukraine

tel.:+38 (044) 239 19 19

fax:+38 (044) 496 59 50

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