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In order to be able to enter the United States and participate in Work & Travel Program, all participants must obtain a J-1 visa, issued by a consular officer at the US Embassy or consulate in Ukraine.


The J-1 visa is the legal document required for the entry to the US, it is placed in the participant’s international passport and indicates under which status the participant is allowed to enter the USA. In order to receive the J-1 visa, all applicants must have their DS 2019 form.


The issue date of the J-1 visa is the date a participant received the visa from the US consulate, this date is different from the starting date of the program indicated in DS 2019 form.


Participant can be issued with either single or multiple entry visas:


  •        “S” or “I” – single entry – the participant may leave the country but will not allowed to reenter the US under J-1 status.
  •        “M” – multiple entries – means that the participant is allowed to leave the country to travel outside the US and reenter legally but only during the duration of the program.



The J-1 visa allows you:


  •        enter the USA when you present it with your DS 2019 form at the airport:;
  •        work up to 4 months (the dates on your DS 2019 form);
  •        apply for a Social Security number.



This visa does not allow you to:


  •        Work as a domestic, au pair, camp counsellor or in the medical/aviation field
  •        Extend your work eligibility or program participation


Each participant applying for a J-1 visa must submit the following applications:

  • A DS-156 (Nonimmigrant Visa Application), for each applicant, regardless of age, completed and signed;
  • A DS-157 (Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa Application), to be filled out by all male nonimmigrant visa applicants between the ages of 16 and 45;
  • A DS-158 (Contact information and work history for nonimmigrant visa applicants), to be filled out by all applicants for an exchange visitor’s visa

The US Government currently charges a US $100 fee for the J-1 visa application.


All the information about visa regulations and applying for a J-1 visa, you can get at our office or at www.kyiv.usembassy.gov


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